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Cougar Food & Beverage Features

In Food & Beverage applications, Cougar POS system provides maximum efficiency in handling quick or table-service type operations. Cougar POS system includes printing of guest soft check/clips and kitchen/bar order chits. Fast selling items can be programmed into one touch buttons on the keyboard for quick entry. A truly cashier/waiter friendly system.


         Easy operation method for cashier and waiter terminal

         Soft check or printed bill

         Electronic audit provied

         Smart Card Technology

         Unlimited number of P.O.S. Terminal Link-Up

         System log-in either through password or Magnetic Card

         Supports up to 6 kitchen printer on 20 kitchen side allocations

         Auto generate / Manual bill number system & floating bill

         Tracks expense report for each card holder

         Daily or Periodical Sales Analysis Report

         On-Line Monitoring Technology

         Officer check and entertainment consumption by magnetic card as well 

         All daily sales will be captured into back officer server right after sales closing and all daily data will be stored up to 1 month

         Y2K Compliant