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Cougar Retail Management Features

In the Retail Industry, Cougar POS is the finest inventory control and point-of-sales system on the market today. Designed for today's independent retailer, Cougar POS represents years of dedicated research, design and development. Every day Cougar POS is put to the test by literally countless number of retailers. The result is a highly reliable and extensively proven system. What's more ! It's also an efficient and affordable system.

        Point Of Sale

         Cougar POS features ease of use and fast, accurate checkouts that reduce human error.

         Full point of sale (POS) with scanning function.

         PLU look-up by item code, barcode or item description at point of sale (POS).

         Able to capture non found PLU items in case of those item not in master list.

         Stock balance inadequacy alert.

         Multiple price levels are available on user definable tables (Up to 5 levels).

         Ability to address several different pricing levels as well as promotional pricing, special pricing for certain customers or different store different pricing.

         Customized payment types.

         Allowable split tenders.

         Point of sale (POS) transaction suspension and recall

         Deposit & Layaway features.

         Salesperson commission calculations can base on salesperson fixed rate or different item rate.

         Salesperson expenses module.

         Able to preset discountable item or no discountable item.

         Discount by line item by percentage or amount.

         Discount entire sale by percentage or amount.

         Multiple tax rate.

         Taxable item or no taxable item capability.

         Taxable amount can base on before subtotal discount or after subtotal discount.

         Tax exemption.

         PLU with price (Price tag print from scale machine).

         Support 40 columns or 80 columns printer.

         Cash in drawer declaration when do closing.

         Validation on selling price below cost.


        Comprehensive Inventory Control

         Stock receive, disposal, return, adjustment, transfer in/out and purchase order.

         Documents running number capability.

         Provides user definable categories, departments and suppliers.

         Mark up or Mark down.

         Stock reorder level.

         Inventory item with expired date.

         Support Casio DT700 Handy Terminal that make the stock check more faster , accurate and less man power.

         Supplier costing information.


        Customer Maintenance

         Captures your customerís purchase at point of sale.

         Maintains your customers' name, address, telephone number, web address, email, profile etc.

         Customer purchase history.

         The sales/credit limit function specifies the maximum purchasing limit for an account.

         Supports contract pricing for different customers. (Price level / Discount %)

         Prepaid method and Top-up module.


        General Functions

         Get real-time information on transaction sales.

         Customer and supplier mailing labels.

         Barcode printer module.

         Screen Editor.

         Multi user capability.

         Support Ms-Dos, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Novell.

         Year 2000 compliant.


        Time & Attendance

         Employee time clock and hours worked reports.

         A password is used to maintain the integrity of each employee account.



         Levels range from 00 (zero) to 99, with 99 being the highest possible security level

         Each operator can be assigned a security level

         Security can be assigned to individual menu option or to entire menus to restrict access to specific users of the systems.


        Accounting Links

         Able to link with FACT Accounting Software.


        Multi Store

         Remote modem linking.

         Import or Export of  master file and sales data.

         Appear to view others storeís stock on hand at stock enquiry.




         X/Z reports.

         Transaction Sales Analysis.

         Profit And Loss report.

         Stock Fast / Slow Moving Report.

         Stock Reorder Report.

         Stock Balance Report.

         Electronic Audit Roll.

         Time & Attendance Report.

         Salesperson Commission Report.

         Customer Spending Report.

         Multi Store Consolidated Report.

         Reports Designer.