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Greatest Color Enhancer in the world.
Hikari Excel is a new, very specially prepaired high quality protein colour enhancer. An easily digestible food produced from a mixture of highly nutritious wheat germ and pure cultured spirulina. Only one month of concentrated feeding will produce the ideal color enhancement of your Koi.


  1. Hikari Excel is excellent in performing a very swift color enhancing effect with an extraordinary lustrous and glossy appearance because of the highly concentrared effective ingredients specially blended with a highly precise technique. Using the highest quality of pure cultured spirulina, ample vitamins and minerals of wheat germ, enables Hikari Excel to be digested very effectively with a strong activating power of the vitaminE element.
  2. Hikari Excel is a reliable food even during low water tempertures because of its excellent digestibility. This is possible because of the highly selected and blended compositions such as wheat germ and other easily assimilated and absorbable materials.
  3. Hikari Excel promotes well balanced growth of your Koi. The components such as wheat germ, cultured spirulina and high quality protein promotes the well balanced growth and enables your Koi to develop to their full potential.

Feed 2 to 4 times a day such amount as fish eat within a few minutes.

  • When the water temperature is above 25C (77F), for body building and color enhancing, feed Hikari Excel plus Hikari Hi-Growth in 3 to 7 ratio.
  • When the water temperature is about 20C (68F) for stabilizing of the physical condition and finishing the color, feed Hikari Excel plus Hikari Wheat-Germ in 3 to 7 ratio.
  • A month before a competition, feed Hikari Excel 100% to complete the ideal body and color.

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