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Developed thru Research & Experience
Hikari fish food is a result of extensive research through three generations of fish breeding technology.


  1. Hikari Staple is a floationg type of food and never clouds the water.
  2. Hikari Staple is a harmoniously balanced combination of the highest quality material and guarantees for keeping healthy Koi.
  3. Hikari Staple is easily consumed by Koi because of its selected combination of ingredients.
  4. All Hikari brand fish food are manufactured by highly automated and specialized equipment, using selected ingredients developed through extensive research. This assures all Koi keepers that their Koi will have a balanced diet at every feeding

When the water is 10C (50F)or above, feed 2 to 4 times daily, but do not exceed the amount fish will eat within a few minutes.

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