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Jumbo Size Koi can be Yours
Hikari Hi-Grouth is a powerful new fish food specially developed to promote the growth rate of koi. Kamihata Japan's premier breeder of Koi fish, combines a century of experience with the latest scientific techniques to produce Hikari Hi-Growth. This advanced food, full of proteins, vitamines and minerals in perfect balance, increases luster as well as overall size and weight of Koi.


1. helps Koi gain both size and weight much faster than other food.

2. helps Koi show their natural colors brighter and more distinctly

3. floating type, and will not cloud the water.

4. vacuum packed to retain freshness.

5. manufactured under strictest quality control by automatic processes.Scientific research has assured the proper balance of essential nutrients as well.


When the water temperature becomes 20C and above, feed 2 to 4 times per day. The amount should be consumed within a few minutes.Once fed together with Hikari Spirulina or Hikari Excel, you may expect color enhancing effect at the same time and finish your Koi in splendid coloring.

Mixing ratio of Hikari Hi-Growth to Hikari Spirulina 6 to 4.

Mixing ratio of Hikari Hi-Growth to Hikari Excel 6 to 4.

Excellent nutrition even during the coldest season.
Highly assimilated for promoting overall health, growth and fertility.

Hikari Wheat-Germ is highly nutritious, easily assimilated fish food. Its effect is great for colder climates such as in England, northern Europe and the winter season in general. Wheat-Germ is an economical product being produced by our automated computerized manufacturing system.


  1. Your fish will grow quicker with a more brilliant luster of its skin. The superior quality of protein contained in Hikari Wheat-Germ promotes growth and the abundant vitamines work scientifically resulting in a remarkable brilliancy of luster to the skin.
  2. Safe and all season fish food, easily digestable. This is because Hikari Wheat-Germ is derived from severely selected and easily digestable vegetable material.
  3. Combining Hikari Wheat-Germ with other specific food such as color enhancing and/or growth formulated food will produce quick results because of the natural effects of the abundant vitamin E and other vitamins & minerals contained in the formulas,
    *specially in the case of color enhancement.

*When the water is 10C (50F) or above, feed 2 to 4 times daily but don't exceed the amount fish will eat within a few minutes of feeding.
*At the time of appetite loss such as when medicines are given or after sickness, feed little by little depending on the volume of food consumed or by what is left over.
*When the water is very cold, 5C (40F) or below, feed once daily at the warmest time of the day. The total feeding volume should be reduced to 1/3 of normal.

Developed thru Research & Experience
Hikari fish food is a result of extensive research through three generations of fish breeding technology.


  1. Hikari Staple is a floationg type of food and never clouds the water.
  2. Hikari Staple is a harmoniously balanced combination of the highest quality material and guarantees for keeping healthy Koi.
  3. Hikari Staple is easily consumed by Koi because of its selected combination of ingredients.
  4. All Hikari brand fish food are manufactured by highly automated and specialized equipment, using selected ingredients developed through extensive research. This assures all Koi keepers that their Koi will have a balanced diet at every feeding

When the water is 10C (50F)or above, feed 2 to 4 times daily, but do not exceed the amount fish will eat within a few minutes.

Feed Daily for Continued Color Enhancing
Hikari Gold is a color enhancing food formulated with special color enhancing ingredients. Proven reliable by Koi specialists spanning several decades.


  1. Hikari Gold is a basic food containing carotenoid (a special color enhancing ingredient) blended with NS germ (this produces carotenoid at its greatest potential) and helps bring out the vibrant colors of your Koi.
  2. Hikari Gold is a floating food and does not cloud the water. Uneaten food can easily be removed from the surface to prevent water polution.
  3. Hikari Gold uses selected ingredients blended into a well balanced formula. Healthy Koi will develop and become more beautiful using Hikari Gold.
  4. Koi like to eat Hikari Gold because the ingredients are chosen from Koi's favorite.
  5. Hikari Gold is manufactured by a computerized automation system thus assuring the quality to be uniform in every pellet.

When the water is 10C (50F) or above, feed 2 to 4 times daily, but don't exceed the amount fish can eat within a few minutes.

Supreme Color Enhancer
Hikari Spirulina is a supreme color enhancing formula containing natural color enhancing elements extracted from pure cultured Spirulina and carotenoid NS germ. They are blended together to produce a supreme color enhancing food.


  1. Hikari Spirulina has been proven to be an outstanding color enhancing food because of the combination of pure cultured Spirulina plus the conventional characteristics of carotenoid NS germ.
  2. Hikari Spirulina will not change or effect the white skin of the Koi's body.
  3. Hikari Spirulina is a floating food and does not cloud the water. Uneaten pellets can easily be removed from the water surface to prevent water polution.
  4. Hikari Spirulina uses highly selected ingredients of supreme quality, blended together to produce food that makes Koi grow strong and healthy with vibrant colors.
  5. Your pets will love Hikari Spirulina because it is made of Koi's favorite materials only.
  6. Hikari Spirulina is manufactured by our computerized automation system thus assuring uniform quality in every pellet.

Feed 2 to 4 times daily, but don't exceed the amount fish can eat within a few minutes.

Greatest Color Enhancer in the world.
Hikari Excel is a new, very specially prepaired high quality protein colour enhancer. An easily digestible food produced from a mixture of highly nutritious wheat germ and pure cultured spirulina. Only one month of concentrated feeding will produce the ideal color enhancement of your Koi.


  1. Hikari Excel is excellent in performing a very swift color enhancing effect with an extraordinary lustrous and glossy appearance because of the highly concentrared effective ingredients specially blended with a highly precise technique. Using the highest quality of pure cultured spirulina, ample vitamins and minerals of wheat germ, enables Hikari Excel to be digested very effectively with a strong activating power of the vitaminE element.
  2. Hikari Excel is a reliable food even during low water tempertures because of its excellent digestibility. This is possible because of the highly selected and blended compositions such as wheat germ and other easily assimilated and absorbable materials.
  3. Hikari Excel promotes well balanced growth of your Koi. The components such as wheat germ, cultured spirulina and high quality protein promotes the well balanced growth and enables your Koi to develop to their full potential.

Feed 2 to 4 times a day such amount as fish eat within a few minutes.

  • When the water temperature is above 25C (77F), for body building and color enhancing, feed Hikari Excel plus Hikari Hi-Growth in 3 to 7 ratio.
  • When the water temperature is about 20C (68F) for stabilizing of the physical condition and finishing the color, feed Hikari Excel plus Hikari Wheat-Germ in 3 to 7 ratio.
  • A month before a competition, feed Hikari Excel 100% to complete the ideal body and color.


From Japan ....'Nobori'...

Are delighted to Introduce you to the very best Koi Food that we have come across now for many years:

'Nobori' has been developed as a colour enhancing food for Koi... This product is in the interest of the health of your Koi, naturally enhances the colouring of the Koi with no artificial colouring , it is particularly effective in maintaining the health of the KOI...




Natural Colour Enhancing
With Natural astaxanthin


Enhances the White Ground
With Lactoferin admixture


Buoyancy (Floating)
Excellent digestive properties


Contains Plants & Plankton
Hemathococcus admixture


Plants, plankton (Hemathococcus) which abounds in natural astaxanthin has been added to make the most natural color enhancement possible. Astaxanathin is particularly excellent for the enhancement of the brightest red.

Through the effectiveness of lactoferin, the bodily sheen of the Koi is boosted to even more effectively enhance the white ground.

It becomes soft in the water in a short time and is a buoyant feed. Not too soluble in water, it does not soil the water.

It beomes soft in a short time and is coreless so that even in water at low temperatures, it still has excellent digestive properties.

This mixture of natural ingredients provides the most attractive taste for the Koi.

Nobori is a natural food which uses no artificial colouring additives.

Guaranteed analysis (Ingredients)

Crude Protein - Min 37%
Crude fat         - Min  4%
Crude Fibre    - Max 3%
Ash                 - Max 11%


Wheat flour. Fish meal, Soybean meal,
Cuttlefish meal, Hemathococcus,
Lactoferin,Natural Astaxanthin,
Vitamins and Minerals .....

And Now may we also present:

This Koi Food is Superb .. don't miss out .... order today...

Without doubt the most advanced formula in the industry.

Contains concentrated Lactoferin for increased resistance against disease and infection.

Medicarp promotes vitality and vigor in every facet of
fish health

Your Koi won't want any other food ... give it a try today...



Prevents Infection, Lactoferin and Torla Yeast increase disease resistance preventing infection.

Colour Enhancers, Contains pure Astaxanthin and Hemathococcus.

High Digestability High energy content meaning high growth rates can be acheived.

Premium Diet, Blended natural ingredients.


Crude Protein - Min 37%
Crude fat         - Min  4%
Crude Fibre    - Max 3%
Moisture         - Max 10%


Wheat flour. Fish meal, Soybean meal,
Squid meal, Hemathococcus,Torla Yeast
Lactoferin,Natural Astaxanthin,
Vitamins and Minerals .....

Please Note that this Product is not a Medicine

Once you have tried this 'Nobori' Food neither you or your Koi will wish to have any other food