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Hotel Executive

The lifeblood of any hotel id its guests.

They are the people who fill the rooms, the bars, the restaurants and they're vital for your entire operation... and ultimately your profitability.

Today's hotels are part of a highly professional industry. Guest are more demanding and the highest standards of customer care are essential. And that means your business has to be more effective and efficient.

For many of your guests, a hotel or guest house becomes a home - whether for one night, one week or longer. And it's your job to make your guests feel 'at home'.

And that means you need to give your undivided attention which is only possible if you are in hotel control of your business activities.

'Hotel Executive' will put you in control. It is a sophisticated, yet simple to use, computerized hotel management system covering every area of your business activity, from front reception to back office administration.

It is ideal for small rural guest houses through to major hotels operated by large multi-national chains.

First impressions count. From the minute your guests arrive at reception they will be getting an image of your business. The manner and efficiency of the operation will create a lasting impression.

The 'Hotel Executive' gives reception staff an on-screen picture of your guest's reservation details. Guest history information provides details of your guests which has been stored by the program. This can include details of the papers they read; any special diets; preference for a particular room; how they pay. The options are endless.

Last impressions count too. When it is time for billing at the end of a stay, guest will find every detail accurately recorded, indicating the services they have received.

From reception to kitchen, bar to restaurant, from menus to final billing, the 'hotel Executive' ensures all charges are correctly attributed to the appropriate guest.

Use of the system is very straightforward. It can be operated with only minimal training and new staff soon become familiar with its user-friendly features.

'Hotel Executive' is produced by people who know the hotel industry, they speak the language and recognize your problems.

The 'Hotel Executive' constantly monitors all the details of your day-to-day activity - menus, guest numbers, occupancy, inventory particulars and financial analysis.

Up-to-the-minutes and comprehensive management information is vital for business success. Knowing how much money is being spent is as important as generating income.

The 'Hotel Execute' produces straightforward, easy to understand analysis of activity in a variety of management reports.