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What is Good Water?

By  Mr.Kazuya Akasaka

Different from fish-breeding ponds, concrete ponds of fanciers are for seeing koi.
Therefore, clear water is essential condition, which is a matter of course.
On the base of it, pond water in which koi can grow healthy is good life water.
In such water, as "always to be healthy is the first condition ", their koi grow naturally "far from illness".
Illness free carps swim and eat well, so it is guaranteed that koi get big growth.
As healthy koi secrete slime much, which protect their body,
mucous membrane of the skin gets thick and reflects glossily. Therefore, we can appreciate koi in a pond better.
First, fanciers' common request is to have koi' beautiful figure in a pond.
Further, considering from breeder's position, cleaning free (labor free) pond is desirable.
"Making pond with low cost" is also desirable.
Further, "no maintenance cost" is nice for pond owners.
In short, ponds, which need small initial cost and running cost is best.