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Not by filtration but by purification

By  Mr.Kazuya Akasaka

Without making a good pond, good pond water can not be obtained.
Without making good pond water, good koi never grow.
Great number of various kinds microorganism live in purification tank under in good balance.
We have to understand the fact that the earth is based on activity of microorganism.
Koi and microorganism live symbiotically balancing both in quality and in quantity.
"To live symbiotically " means to live together getting benefits each other.
Therefore, making a pond is nothing but setting up a suitable purification tank,
and is not to construct an exaggerated filtration tank.
Filtration is to filtrate materials as the word means,
but purification is "to make microorganism owe role to purify water".
I hope difference between purification and filtration can be realizing.
Details of purification will be mentioning gradually from next time.
Please put the feet into your understanding that pond water should not be clearing through filtration
but be made suitable condition for koi' lives through purification.
I wish you to say good bye to the past misunderstanding.

Then, how such a pond should be made?
My business is to design using basic know-how (Refresh System) of pond and purification tank.
So far, I have been designing more than one hundred ponds.
I have also been designing many times for reforming existing ponds.
Construction of ponds is done by my partners.