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I'm T.H.Fong from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'm in my early 30's (still consider young) and has been keeping Koi since 1999. The first one and half years was a distressing experience as I learned and experimented with ways to keep my water clear and Koi healthy.   Besides Koi keeping, my other hobbies are listening music, sports and computing. I keep myself very updated ( have a vast library of computer books, and magazines) to the latest computer technology, software development, multimedia, and graphics design. I'm even thinking about doing a Master Degree In Computer Science, however my heavy work commitments is in the way.

I'm married with 1 children (aged 3). My son is still quite busy playing his toys and watch cartoon always. I'm blessed with a GREAT and loving wife and mother to my children. She's a account assistant of my father's company. My involvement in customer supporting started in 1993 at IRC immediately after graduation. My experience covers product planning, programming, monitor the system progressing, research the new product and barcode printing.


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