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This Koi Food is Superb .. don't miss out .... order today...

Without doubt the most advanced formula in the industry.

Contains concentrated Lactoferin for increased resistance against disease and infection.

Medicarp promotes vitality and vigor in every facet of fish health

Your Koi won't want any other food ... give it a try today...



Prevents Infection, Lactoferin and Torla Yeast increase disease resistance preventing infection.

Colour Enhancers, Contains pure Astaxanthin and Hemathococcus.

High Digestability High energy content meaning high growth rates can be acheived.

Premium Diet, Blended natural ingredients.


Crude Protein - Min 37%
Crude fat         - Min  4%
Crude Fibre    - Max 3%
Moisture         - Max 10%


Wheat flour. Fish meal, Soybean meal,
Squid meal, Hemathococcus,Torla Yeast
Lactoferin,Natural Astaxanthin,
Vitamins and Minerals .....

Please Note that this Product is not a Medicine

Once you have tried this 'Nobori' Food neither you or your Koi will wish to have any other food