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My Pond


I have always been interested in keeping fish, and had a 5' aquarium in my house. I became interested in keeping koi about 1998, and visited the koi farm and meeting with the founder contractor discuss about how to build a koi pond.

He built a pond in 1999, and as with all ponds built at that time it have bottom drains, and the water was pumped to the filter and returned to the pond by gravity. This pond was built by the side of the garden, and when I decided to build a new pond this was situated just outside the side door from the living room so that they can watch the fish from inside the house.



The pond was constructed by digging out the hole and then pouring in a six inch concrete base. When this had had time to set the bottom drains and the Up/Down chamber were then installed, and a second reinforced concrete base was poured in. For this I had the help of three workers.

The walls were then built up using 12' x 5' x 3' concrete blocks laid on their side so that the wall was 6" thick. The pond is rectangular in shape , and the corners were built up with bricks so that they could be radiused when the walls were rendered.


A six inch reinforced base was then put in for the filters, and the walls were built up using the same size concrete blocks as were used for the pond, but this time the blocks were laid so that the thickness of the wall was 4". In way of division between the filter bays are the same concrete walls. The filter materials in the first bay are filter mating & heavy brush roll, second bay are chemical ring & bio ball.  


The main pump is a Grundfos , and this pumps directly from the last filter bay and through the 15 watt UV lamp unit. Another pump of the same capacity is connected to the same pipe as a backup pump.


Pond details:

Filtration details:
Gallon 1,125 Gallon 437.5
Dimensions 12'x5'x3' deep Type 3 chamber modular
Construction materials Concrete block butyl Dimensions 5'x4'x3.5' deep
Waterproofing Butyl Construction 3 chamber modular
Shape Oblong with curve Location Adjacent to pond
Location Adjacent to house in garden Water feeds from 1 top, 1 mid & 1 bottom water feed
Bottom drains One Filter media Heavy brush roll, Filter mating, Chemical ring & Bio ball
Filter feeds Mid-water 3'6" deep to settlement chamber Aeration details Air stones in second & last filter chamber
Heating system None  
Year completed December 1999 Pump details:
    Type/make 2 Grunfos (1 for reserve)
    Pumping capacity 1000 gallons per hour
Location End of last filter chamber
Settlement details:
Gallonage None Details of other key equipment:
Type None Aeration units Resun 40LPM
Dimensions None Sand pressure filter None
Construction materials None Heating system None
Location None UV 15 Watt
Water feeds from None