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Excellent nutrition even during the coldest season.
Highly assimilated for promoting overall health, growth and fertility.

Hikari Wheat-Germ is highly nutritious, easily assimilated fish food. Its effect is great for colder climates such as in England, northern Europe and the winter season in general. Wheat-Germ is an economical product being produced by our automated computerized manufacturing system.


  1. Your fish will grow quicker with a more brilliant luster of its skin. The superior quality of protein contained in Hikari Wheat-Germ promotes growth and the abundant vitamines work scientifically resulting in a remarkable brilliancy of luster to the skin.
  2. Safe and all season fish food, easily digestable. This is because Hikari Wheat-Germ is derived from severely selected and easily digestable vegetable material.
  3. Combining Hikari Wheat-Germ with other specific food such as color enhancing and/or growth formulated food will produce quick results because of the natural effects of the abundant vitamin E and other vitamins & minerals contained in the formulas,
    *specially in the case of color enhancement.

*When the water is 10C (50F) or above, feed 2 to 4 times daily but don't exceed the amount fish will eat within a few minutes of feeding.
*At the time of appetite loss such as when medicines are given or after sickness, feed little by little depending on the volume of food consumed or by what is left over.
*When the water is very cold, 5C (40F) or below, feed once daily at the warmest time of the day. The total feeding volume should be reduced to 1/3 of normal.

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