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Feed Daily for Continued Color Enhancing
Hikari Gold is a color enhancing food formulated with special color enhancing ingredients. Proven reliable by Koi specialists spanning several decades.


  1. Hikari Gold is a basic food containing carotenoid (a special color enhancing ingredient) blended with NS germ (this produces carotenoid at its greatest potential) and helps bring out the vibrant colors of your Koi.
  2. Hikari Gold is a floating food and does not cloud the water. Uneaten food can easily be removed from the surface to prevent water polution.
  3. Hikari Gold uses selected ingredients blended into a well balanced formula. Healthy Koi will develop and become more beautiful using Hikari Gold.
  4. Koi like to eat Hikari Gold because the ingredients are chosen from Koi's favorite.
  5. Hikari Gold is manufactured by a computerized automation system thus assuring the quality to be uniform in every pellet.

When the water is 10C (50F) or above, feed 2 to 4 times daily, but don't exceed the amount fish can eat within a few minutes.

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