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Jumbo Size Koi can be Yours
Hikari Hi-Grouth is a powerful new fish food specially developed to promote the growth rate of koi. Kamihata Japan's premier breeder of Koi fish, combines a century of experience with the latest scientific techniques to produce Hikari Hi-Growth. This advanced food, full of proteins, vitamines and minerals in perfect balance, increases luster as well as overall size and weight of Koi.


1. helps Koi gain both size and weight much faster than other food.

2. helps Koi show their natural colors brighter and more distinctly

3. floating type, and will not cloud the water.

4. vacuum packed to retain freshness.

5. manufactured under strictest quality control by automatic processes.Scientific research has assured the proper balance of essential nutrients as well.


When the water temperature becomes 20C and above, feed 2 to 4 times per day. The amount should be consumed within a few minutes.Once fed together with Hikari Spirulina or Hikari Excel, you may expect color enhancing effect at the same time and finish your Koi in splendid coloring.

Mixing ratio of Hikari Hi-Growth to Hikari Spirulina 6 to 4.

Mixing ratio of Hikari Hi-Growth to Hikari Excel 6 to 4.

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